Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Credits Idea, Author: Musya Qeburia Performing: Musya Qeburia, Bacha Khoperia, Nika Mamulashvili Photos By: Mananikø Sherly Købakhidze & Saba Shengelia Project Description: It was a common practice in Georgia that police was exercising their power through stopping random people in the streets without any obvious reason and taking them to police stations in order to identify whether they had taken or smoked any drug or not. By doing it, on the one hand they were accumulating a lot of money to states budget and on the other hand threatening innocent people by misusing their faculty. The well-known practice for testing people on drug use was through checking their urine by making them to pee by force. This whole “comedy” became the main inspiration for me to make the wheatpaste installation in the street and pose the political message. I choose to use prints as it was the optimal way to reserve working time and avoid some serious problems form the city administration and principle. The worked received huge feedback locally and internationally from general public, media and other actors.

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