In today’s reality, our relationship with nature has become akin to a game, a form of entertainment, the consequences of which we often fail to understand or realise in advance. With this mural, I aim to reflect the state of our current and future existence. Tetris, a nostalgic and widely beloved game, ideally illustrates the challenge of organizing puzzles in such a way that the playing field is mastered. In this case, the blocks and pixels shape an urban environment and concrete buildings, which represent our current reality. The greenery and natural landscapes undergo a transformation under human influence and, ultimately, they find themselves in an endless clash with urbanisation.

This painting is a bold statement about what we lose when we build more and more buildings. I would like this to be a wake-up call that asks us to think about how we can grow our cities without hurting nature. It tells a story of the need to find a better balance between our buildings and the environment we all depend on and are responsible, or else it is ultimately a losing game.

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